Annual Sustainability Survey for Local Policymakers


This initiative conducts annual national surveys targeted at municipal decision-makers, including mayors, council members, and city managers. The surveys aim to collect insights and proposed solutions concerning sustainable development and natural disaster resilience at the local government level. Additionally, we facilitate collaborations among citizens, academic institutions, and our local government partners. This project is housed in the FSU Sustainability and Governance Lab.

Principal investigator:

Co-principal investigators:

Research Themes:

1. Government-citizen collaboration in disaster resilience planning

Significance: This project develops strategies to enable local governments to encourage residents to participate in the decision-making process, ultimately aiming for more accessible disaster resilience planning.

Lead Researcher: Yixin Liu (Syracuse University)


2. Public values in practitioner-scholar research collaboration

Significance: This project explores the common values of equity, effectiveness, and accountability share between local government practitioners and academic scholars as they address challenges in sustainability and resilience.

Lead Researcher: Tian Tang (Florida State University) and Heewon Lee (University of Cincinnati)


3. Public leadership styles and civic engagement in sustainability development

Significance: This project merges survey and Twitter data, utilizing pre-trained machine learning models to offer practical and effective communication strategies for local governments. These strategies are designed to engage citizens on sustainability issues.

Lead Researcher: Guimin Zheng (Florida State University)


4. Nonprofit-government collaboration in local environmental management

Significance: This project combines surveys from local policymakers and nonprofit leaders to offer recommendations for fostering cross-sectoral collaborations in the implementation of environmental policies.

Lead Researcher: Yuhao Ba (National University of Singapore)