Trust and Two-way Coproduction: Paired Experiments on Citizens and Policymakers

This paper conducts a paired of experiments on citizens and municipal policymakers to examine the impacts of trust in government on coproductioin in disaster resilience planning.

November 2023 · Yixin Liu, Heewon Lee, Tian Tang, Guimin Zheng, Wenhui Li

The “watershed” of collaboration: The impact of legislation and collective actions on environmental outcomes

This paper combines the regression discontinuity in time (RDiT) design and longitudinal analysis to examine the impacts of state legislation and the subsequent collaborative projects on water quality.

July 2023 · Yixin Liu, Jiho Kim, Tina Nabatchi

All hands on deck: The role of collaborative platforms and lead organizations in achieving environmental goals

This paper combines the difference-in-differences (DiD) methods and content analysis to examine the effectiveness of collaborative platforms in supporting local collaborations for natural resource management.

May 2023 · Yixin Liu, Heewon Lee

Micro foundations of interlocal collaboration: An experimental test

This paper uses a conjoint experiment involving U.S. municipal officials to compare three fundamental theories: rational choice, political homophily, and social capital, in predicting the willingness to collaborate.

January 2023 · Yixin Liu